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About ICT Media

ICT Media, the successor of IDG Bulgaria, is the leading publisher in the field of information and communication technologies in Bulgaria, established on the market since 1990.

Until 2006, the company was 100% owned by International Data Group - the largest media company in the field of information and communication technologies, reaching more than 200 million technology users in 92 countries.

In July, 2006 IDG Bulgaria became part of “Economedia” group and today is called ICT Media, and the group owns the exclusive license rights for the trademarks of International Data Group Communications Inc. (IDG) in Bulgaria.

ICT Media works in three main business areas - organization of meetings and conferences, publishing (Computerworld newspaper, CIO magazine, Networkworld magazine, PC World Bulgaria magazine) and online activities.

About JobTiger

JobTiger, a member of JobTiger Business Group, is a career website and HR agency established in 2000 by the Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund.

After more than 13 years experience and international know-how, JobTiger is a well-known service provider in the Bulgarian market, offering a full range of services in the field of human resources - recruitment, training, career counseling. The company currently works with more than 26 000 Bulgarian and international clients.

JobTiger services are based on Internet technologies, which increases their proven effectiveness and are designed for all individuals who seek change in their career, recruitment agencies, and companies offering job positions.

Second main activity of the company are Internet technologies and integrated IT solutions for database management and information websites. In its database JobTiger is connected to 270,000 applicants from all economic sectors and different experiences - from students and talented individuals to qualified professionals. That is driving JobTiger to start and develop additional services that are typical for a traditional human resources agency presenting innovative projects in the labor market and improving quality.

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