Survey and ranking

The methodology for the survey and ranking of the leading companies in the sector of information and communication technologies (ICT) operating in Bulgaria was developed by the specialized in HR audit company, Audit Advice Associates (AAA). The methodology examines the interaction of three groups of factors:

  • employee engagement in the company;
  • the degree to which strategies, policies and procedures for human resources management are integrated in the organization;
  • key results and indicators for the company.

In the participating companies, there are three groups of respondents to fill in the survey and to be analyzed: senior management, HR specialists and employees. The information is gathered through three different questionnaires filled in by the employees of the company, the HR manager and the Manager/CEO/Executive Director.

The assessment of the participants is based on the overall results of the company from all questionnaires. The ranking will also take into account another factor - the proactivity of the companies regarding the follow-up to the results of the study. The assessment of this proactivity will be based on a plan submitted by the companies. The main criteria for the assessment of the plan will be: a clear commitment to the survey results, the level of involvement of employees and management in the determination and implementation of priority actions in accordance with the plan; relevance and measurability of the results in implementation of the plan.

As with the previous two editions of the ranking, heighest weight have the results of the questionnaire on employee engagement.

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