To participate in the survey, each company selects one of the eight categories. The category is determined by the main activity of the company that contributes for the largest % of the turnover of the company.

  • Telecommunications: (ISP, hosting, VPN connectivity, fixed telephony, mobile telephony, TV programs and video conference services, etc.);
  • Software development: (development of own systems, applications and web sites);
  • Production and assembling of hardware: (computers, equipment, cash registers, etc.);
  • Sales of software, hardware and communications systems to end customers: (including: computer equipment, office equipment, cash registers, UPS, communication equipment from non-operator class like LAN hardware, firewalls, operating systems, applications, etc.);
  • System integration: (complex integration of hardware, network equipment, software, services);
  • Distribution of software, hardware and communications systems: (sale of IT products to dealers);
  • IT services outsourcing: (outsourcing services, processes and activities in the IT sector);
  • IT services: (other IT services including operation of specific IT systems, financial, information, online advertising, etc.).

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